Ride Details


There are 4 BRB Ride options: 100, 70, 50, or 25 miles. The start and finish point for all Rides is the Ashe Civic Center in West Jefferson (see ride location below). Details of the routes and elevation gains for each Ride can also be found under route maps. While challenging, each of the rides travels through some of the most beautiful scenery in North Carolina.

All proceeds from the Blue Ridge Brutal are used to provide scholarship funds for graduating seniors through the Ashe Advantage Project (501c3).

Read about the 2012 Ride, written by Aaron West.

Assault on Mt. Jefferson

Entry for this additional 3.4 mile challenge is limited to only 80 riders and is not for the faint hearted. The elevation gain is almost 1,476 feet which, although never classified, makes this ride very comparable to a Category 2 climb. Those who attempt this at the end of completing their main ride will be provided transport back to the Finish point. Riders are not permitted to cycle back down – sorry!!

Registration and Packet Pickup

Registration for 2024 opens on March 1, 2024

Packet pickup will be from 5-8pm on Friday 8/16 and 6-7:45am on Saturday, 8/17.

The Ride is limited to 500 participants, regardless of which ride length you choose.

Ashe County Civic Center

Start Time

All rides start at 8am.


There is parking at the Ashe Civic Center and in the parking lot across the street in the far side of the shopping center closest to the road. If using the parking lot opposite, please be mindful this is used by many people for shopping and as a courtesy, please park away from the shops. If you choose to park along the road, please be careful not to block driveways and any public rights of way.


All riders are required to wear a cycle helmet at all times. It is also each rider's responsibility to ensure their bike is in good working condition and capable of completing whichever Ride they attempt.

Route Signs & Control

All the routes are clearly signed. Where possible there will be volunteers at major turns.

In addition, each Rider will be provided with a map showing all 4 routes and listing all turns with distance between each and cumulative total. See route maps here.

Rest Stops

There are 7 Rest Stops and these are marked on the map. For each route there are:

100 miles
6 rest stop
70 miles
4 rest stops
50 miles
3 rest stops
25 miles
1 rest stops
Assault on Mt. Jefferson
1 rest stop at top

SAG Support

The SAG volunteers will provide assistance as much as they can but they are not trained mechanics. While there may be some, limited, basic spares available (e.g. inner tubes), we can not guarantee they will be where they are needed. As such, we recommend all riders carry whatever they think they might need, especially if you have special requirements (e.g. special chain). Also, please be aware that cell phone service may be sporadic so please come prepared.


All riders are required to obey North Carolina traffic laws and keep a careful watch for motor traffic.

Finish Time

All Riders will be provided with a chip supplied by Start 2 Finish, LLC. These will need to be attached to the bike (details to be provided at registration). The finish times will be published on this website very soon after the ride. Please note that riders exceeding 9 hours will not receive a finish time. E-bikes will be chip timed separately.

Also, if a Rider changes the route cycled from the route registered, they must let a volunteer know when they cross the Finish line.

Rider Goodies

All Riders will receive a goody bag prior to the ride.

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